We perform iterative, methodical exploration of an organization’s data with emphasis on assisting companies committed to data-driven decision making.


Measure products, services, and processes against those of organizations known to be leaders in one or more aspects of their operations.

Impact Analysis

Expert brainstorming techniques that helps you think through the full impacts of a proposed change.

Financial Audits

Businesses can receive tremendous benefits from better understanding their financial position.  From improved interest rates and access to capital to protection from risk and even legal liabilities, financial audits can highlight areas of success or concern in a business and help the management team find greater pathways to future success.


  • How are you getting your work done? Are your processes and procedures working or are you stressed out?
  • If you have employees, what are they doing, and can you have them take over things that are currently on your plate?
  • So look at your sources of income. How much money are you really making from those sources when you factor in your actual costs and the time commitment involved?

People & change

Great people and positive change are essential to organizational success! We specialize in working with clients who are facing challenges associated with people and changing workforce dynamics. Our focus is to help align people strategies with business strategies, manage change initiatives, and improve the effectiveness of leaders, teams, and individuals.

Risk Management

Risk is an inherent part of being in business.  It can be managed and its adverse outcomes can be mitigated.  The greatest challenge for small business owners is to find the proper balance between peace of mind and profitability.


When it comes to developing a business strategy, all it takes is a common sense approach, not bells and whistles. And before you venture any further, quit believing that your size is a disadvantage. The small and nimble can often pounce on opportunities long before big lumbering companies even spot them.


Leveraging the latest technology can be difficult for a small business.  Ozark CG consultants and save your company from making costly and unnecessary technology purchases when all you need is the basics.

These days more and more companies are relying on consultants to run their business. There are lots of reasons for this, the biggest being that it allows them to get people with the skills that they need without having to hire a full time employee. A business consultant can also help out your company by providing an objective opinion on how your business is being run. With all the reasons to hire a business consultant for your company it is likely that more and more businesses will start to rely on them.

The main reason that you are going to want to hire a business consultant is to bring skills that your company otherwise wouldn’t have. In order to run a business there are a lot of skills that you need to have and many companies are lacking in certain areas. When large companies need somebody with a particular skill they just go and hire them. This usually isn’t an option for small businesses who can’t really afford to hire the many different people. A consultant is a way to get access to the skills and knowledge that you need to run your business without having to actually go and hire a full time employee.

The other big reason that you are going to want to hire a business consultant is that they can bring a different perspective to your company. Most companies tend to have their own culture and their own way of doing things. This tends to lead to a situation where they keep doing things because it is how they have always done it rather than because it is the best way to do something. Many times it takes an outside observer to be able to recognize when things aren’t being run as efficiently as they could be. This is especially the case for small businesses that are run by their founders. It can be easy to think that your way of doing things is the best when it may in fact not be. A business consultant is often a good way of making sure that you are doing things correctly.

  • We bring a different perspective to your company.

  • Remove the "how we have always done it" with the known updated best way to do something.

  • We are a good way of making sure that you are doing things correctly.

  • We give you an objective second opinion.

  • We solve your company's problems..

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